W.Brethren, Brethren all, Further information on giving to the Grand Charity is appended for your information.
Breaksea Lodge Releif Chest : No: 8358
2021 Festival Releif Chest: No: E0043
Relief Chest Scheme - set up up your Direct Debit by telephone.
The Freemasons' Grand Charity is pleased to announce that Direct Debit donations to Relief Chests can now be made by telephone. This change means that forms no longer need to be completed and posted, making it easier and more convenient for donors.
A dedicated telephone line has been set up to facilitate Direct Debit donations:

020 57395 9313 or Online @:
Festival Link:
Or contact your Lodge Charity Steward.
In order to set up a Direct Debit by telephone, donors should contact the Relief Chest office on the number specified above.
The donor will be required to provide some personal information (Name, address, Lodge details) and their bank details (sort code, account number). The donor will also be asked details of the donation they would like to make (amount, frequency, duration) and the details of the Relief Chest into which the donation will be made.
The process is then quite simple:
The Direct Debit instruction is validated and processed by the Relief Chest system The donor is acknowledged and the Relief Chest Representative is informed The Direct Debit instruction is logged with the donor’s bank Donations are collected as per instructions A recording of the conversation is saved for archive purposes
The dedicated telephone line will be open 9.30-4.30 from Monday to Thursday and 9.30-3.30 on Fridays.

In support of Masonic care homes provided by the RMBI, the South Wales 2021 Festival appeal launched early in 2015.
There are two RMBI homes within easy reach of South Wales, Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court in Mid-Glamorgan and Queen Elizabeth Court in Llandudno.
Both homes are doing outstanding work to provide a happy and safe environment for residents and offering peace of mind by ensuring a home for life.
The Province of South Wales seeks to raise a total of £5 million during their six-year Festival Appeal.
Freemasons can qualify as a Festival Steward by making a minimum qualifying donation, or commitment, of £500 towards the Appeal.
For further information about the Festival, please visit the South Wales 2021 Festival website.