On Saturday 21 January 2017 the WM organised a special Burns Night at the Masonic Hall Barry to raise funds for Teddies Loving Care and the 2021 Festival. Many brethren attended and enjoyed great company !! Great food and entertainment. £600 was raised to be distributed between both worthy causes.


Attached is the usual income & expenditure statement for the Burns night where all monies have been collected and payments made
I await the receipt off Mandy - when she is back of holiday - and then I can let you have copies of each for the Lodge file
As you will see we created a surplus of £729 which is to be divided equally between the 2021 Festival and The South Wales TLC Appeal ie £364.50 each
For TLC that means by my reckoning approaching 250 teddies - no doubt Bro Llan ...... go go goch will be a happy chappy. in the round we will be closer to £500 to date !
I would like to pay the proceeds into the Benevolent Account and wondered if you could confirm the account number please
We can then report to the committee and issue the cheques - the Festival donation will need to go via Colin as Charity Steward of course
In addition on behalf of the Lodge I have secured a donation from the Provincial Benevolent fund of £500 to go to "Vale Plus" in support of then buying a minibus. I have handed over the cheque and will go to their presentation event on Feb 13th for pictures etc
Colin - I will share details with you when available and perhaps you can come along. Their enquiry cane as a result of the Barry & District News coverage of the plaque
Not a bad start to 2017 for the Lodge ......
  • Unveiling of the first Tercentenary Plaque in Wales for sure and probably the whole country
  • Over 20000 hits / views of the plaque on social media
  • £500 to Vale Plus
  • £364.50 to TLC plus funds from Installation
  • £364.50 to 2021 Festival
  • 2 Initiates in March with possibly 3 more to follow
  • Possible visit from Colonnade Club in pipeline
What a team Breaksea Lodge is !