This Ornament was presented to The First Master of Breaksea Lodge, W.Bro. Lesley George James Hamber, affectionately known as 'Jim', at the lodges consecration by The R.W.Bro. The Lord Swansea. PGM of South Wales on April 1st 1971, some 46 years ago !!!

The ornament has recently been returned to The Lodge by the family and it is believed to be a replica of the original Breaksea warning buoy, named after Breaksea Point at Aberthaw and was established in 1838, I would imagine it has been replaced many times over the next 100 years or so. The warning buoy was eventually replaced by The Breaksea Light Vessel which was built in 1953 and was anchored off Aberthaw until it was decommissioned in 1982 , only to be replaced again by a warning buoy called a 'Lanby'.

Worshipful Master, it gives me great pleasure to present you with such a historic piece on your Installation.

I would also like to present to you with this gavel. Every year  The Worshipful Master, along with The Junior Warden and Senior Warden will present these gavels to the incoming officers and are to be used at the after proceedings. The gavels were commissioned in memory of W. Bro. Wayne Grant Lewis.

The Breaksea warning buoy and gavel will be passed on each year to the incoming Master as a sign of continuity.
The motto of The Breaksea Lodge is 'Light Is Life' and if we keep the memory of these brethren alive, their Light will never be extinguished.