Brethren All,
Here's an extract from the RW Provincial Grand Master Gareth Jones's Report at Provincial Grand Lodge at Barry Memorial Hall yesterday....

Our 2021 Festival for the RMBI got off to a flying start after the launch on the 22nd January at the Hendre Lodge in Cardiff. After six months I am able to announce today that the forecast in terms of cash transferred from Lodge Relief Chests, single donations, events and new regular payment pledges has reached the magnificent sum of £1,350,000.

1178 Brethren have qualified for their Festival Steward’s Jewel having donated or pledged £500 or more to the Festival appeal.

In addition to existing regular payment pledges and single donations 775 new regular payment pledges have been taken out in favour of the Festival Relief Chest E0043.

15 lodges have already achieved the Bronze award – an average of £500 per member. They are:

Duke of York Lodge No 2453
Penrice Lodge No 4172
Dinam Lodge No 4521
Corinthian Lodge No 4917
Penllergaer Lodge No 5567
Themis Lodge No 6355
Breaksea Lodge No 8358
Nottage Loge No 8452
Aberhondda Lodge No 8588
Discovery Loge No 8607
Lodge of St Andrew with Oriel No 8934
Wenvoe Lodge No 9038
Proscenium Lodge No 9059
Celtic Eagle Lodge No 9132
United Services Lodge No 9605

1 lodge has already attained a Silver award – an average of £800 per member. That is:

Beaufort Lodge No 3834

I am delighted today to be able to announce that in the short 5 months since the launch of the Festival, 2 Lodges have already achieved the Gold Award – an average of £1000 per member. I shall announce the names of those lodges very shortly
Meanwhile, my thanks go to the Festival Committee for the way they have planned and managed the campaign so far and the way Charity Stewards have rallied to the call. What is evident is the reason we have been able to raise this magnificent sum so early is due to the hard work and dedication of those Charity Stewards who have encouraged their brethren into regular giving and were well prepared when the Festival came around.

I must emphasis there is no room for complacency and I expect those Lodges and Charity Stewards who have not yet rallied to the call to do so as soon as possible. Well over a 100 lodges have fewer than 50% of their brethren committed to a regular payment pledge. So there is much to do if we are to reach our target of having at least two thirds of the brethren in the Province in covenant during the first third of the Festival. I urge WMs, Charity Stewards as you wind down for the summer recess please use this time to assess your position and draw up plans where there is room for improvement. You will have all the support and advice you need from your Area Chairs and Liaison Officers. Our Festival effort is a marathon not a sprint and the going gets tougher the further you progress into the long race, but I hope to see many more brethren wearing the Festival Jewel; there are 4000 of us not yet doing so, so plenty of room for further improvement yet. .

Brethren, I am sure you will join with me in admiration for the 2 lodges who have already achieved Gold status. I shall be pleased to present these beautiful alms collection pouches to the Charity Stewards of:

Harlequins Lodge No 5793; andLodge of Fidelity No 6112